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  • Incidence and Prognosis of Stroke in the Belluno Province, Italy : First-Year Results of a Community-Based Study

  • Stroke and Alcohol Intake in a Hospital Population : A Case-Control Study

    StrokeVolume 26, Issue 91 September 1995
  • Avoidable Hospitalization for Heart Failure Among a Cohort of 18- to 64-Year-Old Italian Citizens and Immigrants: Results From the Italian Network for Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies

  • Antihypertensive Treatment in Elderly Frail Patients: Evidence From a Large Italian Database

  • Age and Multimorbidity Predict Death Among COVID-19 Patients: Results of the SARS-RAS Study of the Italian Society of Hypertension

    and the SARS-RAS Investigators
  • Low Incidence of Stroke in Southern Italy: A Population-Based Study

  • Reduced Admissions for Cerebrovascular Events During COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy

    and on behalf of the Italian Stroke Organization